Acupuncture for Stress/Anxiety/Depression

Acupuncture for Depression/Anxiety

Acupuncture & depression/anxiety

No human being can avoid being sad, angry, worried, or afraid at some time in his or her life. If these emotions prolong, then can cause disease and effects internal organ.

In Chinese Medicine each organ is associated with specific emotion, anger associated with Liver, grief associated with Lung, fear with Kidney…..

Each organ produces certain emotion, for this reason emotional stress could be cause of a disease. In Chinese Medicine, sadness and grief deplete Qi and prolong deficient Qi could lead to stagnation or blockages in that channel and cause diseases. Based on texture/color of tongue, quality of pulse, complexion color and observing eyes, practitioner will come up with a diagnosis. Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can restore the balance of the body and effects Qi and blood circulation and that’ how it can help patient to reach to a state of emotional well being.

How Acupuncture Can help with Stress/ Anxiety/Depression?

Acupuncture is well known for its relaxing and calming effects. Stagnation or blockage of certain meridian can manifest itself in: sighing, belching, depression, moodiness, nausea and tension with irritability. In Chinese medicine Liver Qi Stagnation could have above  manifestations. Acupuncture:

  • Releases endorphins (feeling good hormone) which also play a substantial role in maintaining serotonin and hormonal levels.
  • Increase circulation and remove stagnation/blockages

Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture empower you to take control of your health. It does treat symptoms as well as the root problem of the disorder. Dietary/lifestyle recommendation will enhance the treatment. There are many whole foods with calming effects with high amounts of magnesium or many foods contain L-tryptophan (amino acids that help for formation of serotonin).

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